The type of entertainment that will be experienced is called "experience menu".

When details such as the date of hosting and accommodation are confirmed, is called "experience course".

Multiple (or one) experience courses are planned in one experience menu, but the content and participation fee of the experience course belonging to the same experience menu are basically the same.
The experience course is an instance that inherits the contents of the experience menu.
Please make a reservation by specifying "experience course" on the experience reservation page. Or, please apply directly to the person in charge of each "experience course" by telephone · FAX etc.

Please refer to "Course Introduction Information" which is displayed by designating the course displayed on the course search page, the course calendar page, the experience reservation page, for applications such as telephone and fax.

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101 snow playing (KAMAKURA and SnowFieldWalking)

Drinking AMAZAKE (Sweet Japanese Rice drink) in KAMAKURA(Snow House)  and Walking SnowField around my house with Stock and Snow Shoes or Japanese Traditional KANJIKI.


2H~3H 2 Adult:5KYen,Child:2KYen JAN~MAR


306 Harvesting blueberries and making jams 1day 4 Adult:4,000Yen,Child:4,000Yen,Infant:1,000Yen. Mid July - Mid August



307 Harvesting rhubarb and making jam 1day 4 Adult:4,000Yen,Child:4,000Yen,Infant:1,000Yen. Late May - late September



308 Harvesting and processing of Japanese old blueberry

Phantom Japanese old blueberry 'NATSUHAZE' called 'BUNNBUKU'  is  hidden special product of  Shinano-machi. Harvesting and processing such as jam,juice,fruit wine and so on  is a rare experience because it is a rare fruit and  that can only  be done here in the coutry.

1day or 2days 4 Adult:18,000Yen Child:14,000Yen Infant:5,000Yen (2days) Oct-Nov