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facil_type_code facil_type
11 tourist hotel
12 hotel
13 lodge
14 pension
15 guest house
16 rental vacation cottage
17 history and culture facilities
18 shrines and temples
19 educational facilities
20 sightseeing spot
21 forest and highlands
22 restaurant shop
23 processing shop
24 sport facilities
25 public facilities
26 industrial facilities and workplace
27 company and corporation
28 local facilities
29 farm and farmers' market
30 traditional Japanese old house
31 private house
32 association

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facil_name facility type address outline link HP_link menu facil_no smoking pet Wi-Fi food type
TOMATO House traditional Japanese old house Nojiri Hondo
Town Shinano, NAGANO

Going down the branch to Main Road in the way from Lake Nojiri to Tangram  is an old private house located in the central location of the main road village with a nostalgic feeling like being forgotten.


snow playing (KAMAKURA and SnowFieldWalking) 30001 smoking area only
out of service
SATO Natsuhaze Farm farm and farmers' market Tomino Funadake 551
Town Shinano, Nagano 389-1312

Fruit tree farmer.   Rhubarb(May,June) and Blueberry (July,August) and Japanese blueberry 'Natsuhaze'(September,October,November).  We grow and harvest them for over 40 years ago.


Japanese page

Harvesting and processing of Japanese old blueberry 29001 smoking area only
Hotel Tangram tourist hotel Furumi 3575-8
Town Shinano, Nagano

A highland resort of Shinshu where we stay, play and eat become one 


Hotel Tanbram

11001 smoking area only
OK(additional fee)
local cuisine
Japanese soba
Japanese food
Italian food
Chinese cuisine
pub bar
coffee lounge
handmade bread
livestock products
wine bar
European/French cuisine