Organization and usage of this website.

Who owns this website?

It is operated by a general incorporated corporation called Farmstay Shinano

What are the experience menu and experience course?

The type of entertainment that will be experienced is called "experience menu".

When details such as the date of hosting and accommodation are confirmed, is called "experience course".

Multiple (or one) experience courses are planned in one experience menu, but the content and participation fee of the experience course belonging to the same experience menu are basically the same.

However, even for courses belonging to the same menu, there will be a different participation fee depending on the period, facilities and contents.

Can I find a hidden charming experience of Shinanomachi on this website?

From now on, we plan to post information on each facility in the town on the accommodation page.

On that page you can search facilities with more than 20 types of facilities including accommodation facilities, food and drink facilities, tourist facilities, experience facilities, agricultural direct sale place etc.

How can I find out what kind of experience courses are there?

You can search conditions on the course page.

Search conditions are AND search under the following conditions.

  Course name (Fuzzy search)

  Date and time (FROM to TO)

  Facility name (Fuzzy search)

  Facility type

  Experience menu number


Where can I post comments on menus, courses, facilities, Association, Shinanomachi general, web pages ?

Please give us your opinions and questions on the Contact page.

Where can I post comments I experienced?

Please post a comment on each experience menu page and facility page.

What are the conditions for posting comments?

Your name and E-mail address are mandatory.

E-mail address and website address are not published.

You can attach an image file etc at the time of the experience to the post.

You can attach up to 3 MB of file size. Up to 3 files can be attached with one posting.